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Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

A beautiful smile starts with your teeth but also depends on your lips, gums, and facial features. For a long time, dentists focused only on the factors inside the lips; golden proportions, white teeth, and a straight, balanced gum line are all going to change your appearance. But when your beautiful smile isn’t optimally framed, you’re missing out on the full benefits. That’s why facial aesthetic procedures are an optimal way to ensure your smile looks its very best! At BridgeMill Dentistry, we are proud to offer aesthetic procedures to our patients in Canton Georgia and surrounding areas.

Facial Aesthetics Canton Georgia

Facial aesthetic procedures are a non-surgical way to enhance your features. The BridgeMill team can add volume, fill lines, and reduce wrinkles using safe, medical-grade injectables. You’ve probably heard of some procedures, which may be an injectable drug that works to smooth facial wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing the muscles that cause them. There is also a wide range of dermal fillers available. Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse work by increasing volume using ingredients already naturally occurring within your body. At BridgeMill Dentistry, we routinely use dermal fillers to smooth lines and wrinkles, add volume to the lips, eliminate nasolabial folds, and erase smile lines. The dermal fillers are incredibly safe and effective, with few instances of complications. Side effects are minimal, such as redness and tenderness, and usually, they disappear within a couple of days.

Your BridgeMill Dentistry team will work closely with you to determine which facial aesthetic procedures can be used to achieve the look you desire. Our team will make sure your entire experience is as relaxed and pain-free as possible! Unlike regular cosmetic injectors, our dentists can administer a local anesthetic before your procedure so that you won’t feel a thing! All facial aesthetic procedures are quick, and our team will make sure you leave with thorough after-care instructions. You can visit our office in Canton Georgia to receive only our safe and effective facial aesthetic procedures, or you can pair them with our wide selection of cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve a comprehensive result.


We understand that there are many options available when electing to have a facial aesthetic procedure done. But BridgeMill Dentistry team members are uniquely equipped with the knowledge and skill to give you the best results possible! We give facial injections every single day during dental procedures, making us the best-practiced injectors! Plus, we’ve been specially trained to deliver injections in the most painless, effective way possible. At BridgeMill Dentistry, our dental team has an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy. Our dentists have spent years studying the shape and proportions of the face, as well as the facial anatomy. We know exactly where to administer your injectable treatment to give you the most beautiful results. Plus, if you’re a BridgeMill Dentistry patient already, we are familiar with your medical history, your smile, and your face! Our Canton Georgia Dental office provides a discreet, comfortable location to receive your treatment. Plus, we can complete the procedure during the same visit as your routine cleaning! To schedule your facial aesthetic consultation, call our office today. The BridgeMill Dentistry team can’t wait to help you achieve the appearance you’ve always dreamed of!

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