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Comprehensive Dental Checkups are Essential

Comprehensive Dental Checkups are Essential

Comprehensive Dental Checkups are Essential

Regular dental checkups and comprehensive dental checkups are an important part of oral hygiene, but did you know that twice yearly appointments with your Canton dentist can also help detect oral cancer?

It’s true. When your dentist finds something that looks suspicious, such as a lesion, patch or lump, the investigation doesn’t stop there.

Comprehensive Dental Checkups Detect Things

According to your Canton dentist, comprehensive dental checkups locate things that you may not be able to see. For example, if you have a cyst or lesion at the back of your mouth or under your tongue you might not notice it. This is especially true if you aren’t in any pain.

Comprehensive dental checkups in Canton detect oral cancers and other problems long before you do. In fact, if oral cancer is discovered in your dentists’ office you will be rewarded with a higher survival rate.

What to Expect

If you schedule exams with BridgeMill Dentistry, you can expect more than a teeth and gums inspection.

Your Canton dental team will examine the back of your throat and your cheeks and tongue. In addition, your dentist will also examine your dental restorations making sure they are free from damage.

Silver amalgam fillings, along with regular fillings must be checked. Silver fillings contract and expand and can leak over time.

Although the American Dental Association has deemed amalgam fillings safe they won’t be if they are cracked or chipped. Because amalgam contains mercury you are running a toxic risk if you don’t schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Bi Annual Dental Exams

Scheduling dental checkups at least twice a year puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to both overall and oral health. Called preventive dentistry, it helps your dentist in Canton stay on top of things when it comes to gum disease and tooth decay.

On the other hand, if you are susceptible to both or have other problems BridgeMill Dentistry may suggest more frequent dental exams and comprehensive dental checkups.

Taking care of problems in the beginning prevents things from getting worse. Skipping dental appointments is never a good idea.

Comprehensive Dental Checkups and More

If you would like to schedule a dental exam or comprehensive dental checkups for your entire family, call or send a direct message to BridgeMill Dentistry.

Practicing preventive dentistry is half the battle. Call and make an appointment with your dentist in Canton today.