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Custom Made Mouthguards for Sports and More

Custom Made Mouthguards for Sports and More

Custom Made Mouthguards for Sports and More

While mouthguards for sports are available from your local pharmacy, they are not made to fit and do not offer the same results as custom-made mouth protectors for sports.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure and that is certainly the case when it comes to mouth injuries.

What is a Mouth Guard?

Also known as mouth protectors, mouthguards, minimize your risk of lip and cheek injuries and broken teeth. A custom-made mouth guard can also prevent knocked out teeth and typically cover your upper teeth.

When are Mouthguards Necessary?


According to BridgeMill Dentistry, mouthguards are an essential piece of sporting equipment for all athletes. In fact, it should be introduced at an early age, as kids are especially susceptible to injury when it comes to low, high, and even no impact sports.

Mouthguards are mandatory in most body contact sports such as hockey, boxing, and football, however, mouth guards are beneficial for all sports including surfing, mountain bike riding, baseball, and basketball. Rackets, flying balls and other equipment can cause serious mouth injuries.

Types of Mouth Protectors

BridgeMill Dentistry explains that there are three types of mouth guards that are used to protect against facial injuries. Stock Mouthguards, Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors and Custom Made Mouth Guards.

  1. Stock Mouth Protectors-Available at your local sporting goods store or pharmacy, standard or stock mouthguards are a one size fits all solution and although they do provide some protection, they will slip, are uncomfortable, and make it difficult to breathe.


  1. Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors-These are made to place in hot water. The water makes it pliable and molds to your teeth. While these are a step up from the previous, they are still cumbersome. In fact, most athletes tend to leave boil and bite mouthguards in the locker room.


  1. Custom Made Mouth Guards-Recommended by doctors, custom-made dental mouthguards are made from dental grade plastic that is extremely pliable and comfortable. In fact, custom-made mouthguards are so comfortable most forget they are wearing one. Custom made mouth protectors are more expensive, but well worth it considering how much a trip to the ER would cost.

Mouthguard Replacement

Mouth guards won’t last forever and should be replaced the minute you start to see some wear. Because their mouths are still growing, children and teens will need their mouthguards replaced more often. Don’t forget to keep your mouthguard clean and dry when not in use.

Custom-made mouthguards are an essential piece of sporting equipment and are just as important as kneepads, helmets, and gloves. Call and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Canton today.