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Dental Implants and Missing Teeth

Dental Implants and Missing Teeth

Dental Implants and Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth you are aware of how difficult it can be to enjoy a meal. In fact, the more teeth that you lose the worse it will be to eat a nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dental implants change all of that.

BridgeMill Dentistry explains that that people in their 70s with at least 20 teeth will live longer than those who have fewer teeth.

With that being said it doesn’t matter if those twenty teeth are natural or dental implants. As long as you have something that exercises the jawbone, you are in good shape.

Osseointegration and Teeth

Exercising the jaw bone happens with dental implants because of osseointegration. Osseointegration is a phenomenal process that fuses metal to bone.

According to your family dentist in Canton, it works with bones, for example, broken hips and backs, and it works with teeth. While dental bridges and dentures give you new teeth, neither will exercise the bone.

Your dentist recommends that you replace your tooth, or teeth, as quickly as possible to avoid the following:

  • A Bad Bite or Malocclusion
  • Uneven Tooth Wear
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Eventual Tooth Loss

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

These tooth replacements work for one or more missing teeth. If you have a missing tooth your dentist will recommend a single restoration.

If you have multiple missing teeth or wear dentures All on 4s will most likely be your best bet. BridgeMill Dentistry in Canton prides itself on offering patients the best replacements for missing teeth.

All on 4s Dental Implants

One of the most remarkable inventions of the 21st century has to be All on 4s. All on 4 dental implants allow people who wear dentures and those who have had missing teeth for years to enjoy a full set of permanent teeth. Best of all there are just four posts on each dental arch.

Just like natural teeth and conventional dental implants you will be able to speak, eat and enjoy a new life with All on 4s.

Talk to your Canton implant dentist about this amazing replacement for missing teeth. If you qualify, and most do, you can walk in the dentist’s office with no teeth and walk out with a brand new functioning smile.

Dental Implants in Canton

If you would like to learn more about in Canton check out the video or better yet send a direct message and schedule a consultation. You will love the new you.

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