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Mouth Protection for the Family

Mouth Protection for the Family

Mouth Protection for the Family

If you and your family participate in sports call and schedule an appointment. A family dentist in Canton for mouth protection is imperative if you want to keep your teeth intact.

Since 2002, the team from BridgeMill Dentistry has been providing the best dental care for families in Canton, that dental care includes custom made mouthguards.

Custom Made Mouth Protection

Most professional athletes understand how important custom made mouthguards are. Sometimes amateur and recreational players aren’t so sure.

BridgeMill Dentistry helps celebrate National Facial Awareness Month by promoting the importance of custom made mouthguards for professional, amateur and recreational players.

Mouth guards are usually worn on the upper teeth unless advised by a dentist to do otherwise. People who wear braces may be advised to wear mouth protection on both the upper and lower teeth as well.

Oro-Dental Trauma

BridgeMill Dentistry in Canton explains that oro-dental trauma is caused from an a mouth injury. Research shows that about 20 percent of people will suffer from some sort of mouth trauma during their lifetime.

Traffic accidents, physical altercations and risky behavior can all lead to oro-dental trauma, but so can recreational, amateur and professional sports.

Sadly hundreds of sporting accidents could have been prevented had the person playing worn a custom made mouthguard.

Treatments resulting from head injuries are lengthy and costly, especially if there is tooth loss and facial complications.

The best way to avoid this type of trauma is to order a custom made mouthguard from BridgeMill Dentistry.

Mouth Protection in Canton

Your Canton family dentist explains that between 15 and 40 percent of mouth injuries happen while playing sports.

Almost 80 percent of mouth injuries affect one or more of the front teeth. Cheek and tongue damage is also quite common when it comes to dental injuries.

The largest percentage of mouth injuries in sports happen on the basketball court and the baseball field. Over 80 percent of accidents don’t happen when players wear mouth protection.

The common injuries include TMJ damage, tooth fractures, extrusions and intrusions, avulsions and jaw dislocation.

Custom Made Mouthguards Canton

Having a great time on the field bonds friends and family members. You certainly don’t want to risk an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Call or send a direct message and talk to BridgeMill Dentistry in Canton for a custom made mouth guard.

Your family dentist in Canton is ready to help you have a fun and safe spring and summer. Call and schedule appointment for mouth protection today.