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Old Silver Amalgam Fillings More Harm than Good

Old Silver Amalgam Fillings More Harm than Good

Old Silver Amalgam Fillings More Harm than Good

tooth_colored_fillings_CantonBragging about your old silver amalgam fillings may give your ego a boost, but according to your dentist in Canton, old fillings aren’t anything to be proud of.

The older your fillings, the more likely you are to have mercury in your system. Old fillings will corrode. This causes contraction and expansion allowing bacteria, food particles, and saliva to invade the healthy portion of the tooth.

Old silver amalgam fillings won’t last forever and if yours are more than a decade old, it’s time to have them checked out by BridgeMill Dentistry.

Old Fillings Cause Problems

While you may not have a toothache in a filled tooth, it can still be decayed. Most people have no idea that filled teeth develop decay in the healthy part of the tooth. This happens if the filling is cracked or chipped.

Your Canton dentist explains that decay also occurs if an old filling is leaking.

Cracked, chipped, and leaky fillings allow food debris and bacteria into the tooth. Once this happens, the decay has already started. Because it is impossible to brush and floss under a filling you will get cavities. However, it’s not just decay you need to worry about.

Overall Health and Old Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam contains mercury as well as zinc, silver, tin, and copper. While the ADA and the FDA deem amalgam safe for humans, some people, including a high percentage of dentists in Canton, are not convinced.

All silver amalgam fillings contain nearly 50 percent mercury. The element is highly toxic. In fact, there really isn’t a safe level when it comes to mercury exposure. The truth of the matter is your old silver amalgam fillings could be making you sick.

If you would like to learn more about alternatives to old silver amalgam fillings, call and schedule an appointment with BridgeMill Dentistry today.