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Teeth Whitening for Awesome Results

Teeth Whitening for Awesome Results

Teeth Whitening for Awesome Results

If you have been disappointed with over the counter teeth whitening products don’t be. Those pastes, strips, rinses and trays are only designed to go so far because they don’t contain a prescription ingredient.

Your dentist in Canton offers the best teeth whitening experience for people who are tired of spending thousands on tooth whitening products. Professional products are also better for your teeth and gums.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

While rinses, pastes, gels, strips and trays will slightly lighten your yellow tinged teeth, they won’t get as bright as you would like them to. As a result, people often get over zealous when they don’t like what they see. Consequently, this causes them to use far too much product. Some people will use it too often as well.

BridgeMill Dentistry explains that too much of anything isn’t a good thing and that is especially true with tooth whitening products. Firstly, too much tooth whitening causes sensitivity. Secondly, you may have to deal with enamel wear and bluish looking teeth.

Furthermore, over the counter trays are probably the worst of the lot as they are a one size fits all solution for teeth whitening. Unfortunately, everyone’s teeth and mouth shape are different. Trays will also leak if they aren’t custom made. Leaky trays will cause problems for your gums.

Professional for the Best Results

Zoom!® is the professionals choice and the whitening system used by BridgeMill Dentistry. The state of the art product lightens teeth up to 8 shades and is much safer than the products your local pharmacy carries.

As a licensed provider of Zoom!® your Canton dentist has the training and expertise to provide you with the world’s best tooth whitening product.

Zoom!® takes a little over an hour and is painless. You really can’t argue with over 10 million people who swear by the benefits of this professional teeth whitening system.

The Zoom!® Process

If you and your Canton cosmetic dentist determine you are a good fit for Zoom!®, your gums, lips and eyes are covered to protect you throughout the entire process.

BridgeMill Dentistry will apply the special patented whitening gel to your teeth. The prescription gel contains twenty five percent Hydrogen Peroxide and is an incredibly powerful solution.

Once the gel is applied the Zoom® Advanced Power Chairside Lamp is used to speed up the whitening process. The team from BridgeMill Dentistry will conduct three 15 minute sessions for the ultimate smile. It really is that simple.

Teeth Whitening in Canton

If you would like to learn more about professional teeth whitening, or any other type of cosmetic dentistry in Canton, call, send a text or a direct message to BridgeMill Dentistry today.