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Zoom!® for Professional Teeth Whitening Results

Zoom!® for Professional Teeth Whitening Results

Zoom!® for Professional Teeth Whitening Results

If you are tired of the results, you are getting from over the counter teeth whitening gels, pastes, strips, rinses and trays it’s time to schedule an appointment with BridgeMill Dental. Professional teeth whitening works and is much safer than products purchased from your local pharmacy.

Zoom_professional_teeth_whitening_CantonZoom!® teeth whitening is a remarkable professional system that restores the beauty of your natural teeth. As a licensed and preferred Zoom! ® teeth whitening provider, Your Canton dentist has helped people just like you whiten their teeth up to eight shades.

What is Zoom! ®?

Zoom! ® is a professional teeth whitening procedure that is done chairside at your dentists office. The amazing patented system is safe and won’t harm teeth the way some whitening products will.

Sadly, over the counter whiteners are used too often leading to tooth sensitivity. Zoom!® teeth whitening is monitored and is less sensitive than other professional chairside whitening systems.

How Does Zoom!® Work?

Zoom!® works by penetrating the enamel on your teeth. The patented Zoom!® whitening gel hits the layer under your enamel reaching intrinsic or interior stains.

During your Zoom!® treatment, your dentist in Canton will protect your gums before applying a gel to your teeth. Once applied a light or laser is used to activate the whitening gel. This procedure may be repeated a few times before the desired shade is achieved.

Will Zoom!® Last?

Zoom!® can lighten teeth up to ten shades and will last as long as you avoid tooth staining foods and drinks. Keep away from red wine, coffee, and tea and steer clear of red and curried based sauces. Sometimes BridgeMill Dentistry will recommend an additional custom made take home tray set for touchups.

More than 10 million people can’t possibly be wrong and if you are looking for a brighter smile, Zoom!® teeth whitening is the answer. Call and schedule a consultation for professional teeth whitening with BridgeMill Dentistry today.