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Facial Esthetics and Dentistry for Your Smile

Facial Esthetics and Dentistry for Your Smile

Facial Esthetics and Dentistry for Your Smile

When it comes to teeth and gums, facial esthetics play an important role, especially with restorative and cosmetic care.

How far apart your eyes are to the placement of your nose and where your cheekbones sit is just part of the facial esthetics. With that being said, most people are not born with perfect facial structure or balance.

Give Mother Nature a Boost with Facial Esthetics

BridgeMill Dentistry helps where Mother Nature couldn’t with aesthetic procedures that will enhance your facial features and your teeth and gums. Furthermore, these facial aesthetic procedures don’t require surgery.

Using medical grade injectables your Canton dentist can add volume, reduce wrinkles and fill in those unwanted laugh lines.

Dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm increase volume with ingredients that occur in your body. This means dermal fillers are safe when eliminating nasolabial folds and unwanted wrinkles.

When your face is restored to its once useful luster, your teeth and gums will look even better than they did, as long as you practice good oral hygiene and see your Canton dentist regularly.

With facial aesthetics you can kiss those smile lines goodbye. In addition, the side effect are few with tenderness and redness subsiding in a day or two.

Talent and Further Education

The dentists from BridgeMill Dentistry have spent years researching and studying facial shape and proportion along with facial anatomy. Because of continued education the team knows exactly where to place your dermal fillers for optimum results.

Another advantage to facial aesthetics is time and money. You can book a dental cleaning and have dermal fillers during the same appointment. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

A Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Patients, and potential ones, of BridgeMill Dentistry enjoy the freedom of having a dental practice that offers so many types of services including facial aesthetics.

Another advantage to facial esthetics from your Canton dentist is familiarity. In other words your dentist already knows everything about your teeth and gums making dermal filler placement accurate. The golden rule of proportion when used with facial aesthetics can do wonders for your smile and your outlook on life.

Facial Esthetics in Canton

If you have been thinking about dermal fillers or facial esthetics stop dreaming about it and call BridgeMill Dentistry. This Canton dental practice has it all when it comes to teeth and gums and your overall look.

Call or send a direct message and schedule a facial esthetics consultation with your dentist in Canton today.